2.3 Adventure

Adventures can be organized for up to five Employees to take on dungeon.

In the dungeon, you can obtain various items such as ingredients and training materials.

Stamina must be consumed in order to take on an adventure, and the amount of stamina consumed varies depending on the difficulty level and the type of dungeon being tackled.

Stamina is restored once every 3 minutes, and the stamina limit can be increased by raising the player rank.

In a dungeon, you will fight monsters several times, and each battle is called a wave.

Each wave lasts a maximum of 10 turns, and the player wins if all the enemies are eliminated before the turn ends.

If the player party is wiped out first, or if the game is not settled within 10 turns, the player party is defeated.

In the event of defeat, the adventure will end with the item acquisition status of up to the previous Wave.

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