2.2 Employees

Employees are the characters you will need for adventures, Ramen Cooking, and many other situations.

There are an NFT Employee and a non-NFT Employee.

  • NFT Employees and Non-NFT Employees

NFT Employees can be bought and sold outside the game in the Marketplace, while non-NFT Employees can only be used in-game and cannot be bought and sold in the Marketplace.

Work Rewards vary depending on the possession status of NFT Employees, so higher rarity NFT and more NFT in possession will earn greater Work Rewards.

In addition, RBA victory rewards will be increased or decreased depending on the number of NFT in your party.

RBA victory rewards also depends on the number of high rarity NFT and the number of NFT in your possession.

It is possible to use non-NFT Employees to play the game, but they will not receive preferential treatment in the Work area or RBA as described above.

  • Employees Stats

Employees in this game have multiple stats.

Different Employees have different characteristics, so try to form Employees of your choice.

  1. Attribute

It represents the attributes of each employee. There are a total of five types, each with their own affinities in battle and skills that target each attribute.

  1. Tribe

There are three Tribes: Human, Beast, and Mystic, with skills that target each of these Tribes.

  1. Status

HP:Hit Points - This indicates how much damage an Employee can take.

ATK:Attack - This indicates how strong an Employee's attack is.

DEF:Defense - This indicates how much the damage you can prevent from taking.

SPD:peed - This indicates the probability of evading or hit of an attack during battle.

LUK:Luck - This indicates the probability of striking a critical damage in battle.

COK:Cooking - Currently, this stat has no major influence, but some skills will be more effective when you have higher cooking abilities.

SEV:Service - Currently, this stat has no major influence, but some skills will be more effective when you have higher customer service.

  1. Employee Training

Employees can raise their level by collecting EXP to enhance their various stats.

EXP can be gained through EXP Crystals or by taking on dungeons.

In addition, Employees who have reached their maximum level can increase their level limit by Over Charge.

To do Over Charge, you need a Magatama of Over Charge and Kagami of Over Charge, and the number of times NFT can Over Charge differs depending on the rarity.

  1. Employee Skills

Each Employee has skill.

Skills are activated during battle and have a variety of effects.

Effectiveness increases with skill level, and skill level can be increased by consuming Book of Skill.