2.5 RBA

  • What is RBA?

RBA is a "Ramen Battle Arena," a feature based on battles with other players to compete for rankings.

You can earn RBA medals by getting a high score in the ranking or by winning battles during the Contest period (with a daily limit).

RBA medals can be exchanged for in-game items and WEMIX Lottery Tickets.

  • basic rule

In RBA, after selecting the ingredients, you choose a opponent and then engage in battle with the opponentโ€™s party.

The score you earn will vary depending on the Ramen Sales Score of the ingredients you choose, your party composition, and the progress and outcome of the battle.

1 BP is consumed for each battle in the RBA. The BP is restored over time.

BP is capped at 5 and will not be recovered beyond the limit.

In addition, special rules are set in every RBA to adjust for designated employees, skills, etc.

  • About Victory Rewards

RBA allows you to receive an RBA medal for up to 5 wins per day.

The amount of RBA medals varies depending on the NFT you have formed, and the more rare and numerous NFT you have formed, the more you can earn.

  • About Rankings

The ranking will be based on the high score of Ramen Sales Score earned by the RBA in each round.

Top ranking winners will receive in-game items and WEMIX Lottery Tickets.

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