2.4 Work

  • Ramen Cooking in Work

Work is a feature that allows you to cook Ramen and earn rewards.

Ramen consists of four elements: Noodles, Broth, and two Toppings, each of which is created by setting the ingredients for the monster.

Once the creation setup is complete, the sale is automatically performed, and no further operations beyond setting up the ingredients are required.

Ramen Sales Score are calculated based on what you cook, but you can also experiment with different combinations of ingredients and bonuses based on the ingredients and combinations you use!

  • Employee Assignment

The Work can also give bonuses to Ramen cooking time and points by setting up Employees you own as staff.

Even Employees who are set as staff can be formed into adventure parties, so give priority to the most capable Employees!

Kitchen Staff: The maximum amount of bowls of Ramen you can cook will increase, and your cooking time will decrease.

The higher COK and SPD of the assigned NFT Employee, the greater the effect it will have.

CS Staff: The customer service staff will increase the Ramen Sales Score.

The higher SEV and LUK of the assigned NFT Employee, the greater the effect it will have.

  • Reward for cooking Ramen

In the Work feature, you are rewarded by achieving a specified amount of Ramen Sales Scores earned within one month.

Rewards will include WEMIX Lottery Tickets and many more.

Ramen Cooking rewards are determined based on "Area".

The Area is determined according to the sum of the Are Selection Points in Work of the NFT in your possession.

Since the value of the Area Selection Points in the Work area decreases from month to month, we recommend regular NFT updates.

This is described in detail in a separate section "[3.2 Building Economic Blocs](. /economics/building.md)".

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