2.7 Earning WEMIX

  • How to get WEMIX

There are several ways to get WEMIX.

In addition, the item obtained by each method is a "WEMIX bill" and must be exchanged for WEMIX at the WEMIX Exchange.

Please note that the WEMIX bill will be collected at the end of the second month after the month in which it is obtained.

  1. WEMIX Lottery

WEMIX Lottery Tickets, which can be obtained in-game, will be consumed to conduct the Lottery, and the WEMIX bill will be distributed according to the results of the Lottery.

Probabilities and amounts will be updated monthly.

Please note that the WEMIX Lottery Tickets obtained can only be used for the Lottery in the month in which they were obtained.

Each month's Lottery ends at the end of the following month, and the WEMIX Lottery Tickets are collected at the same time.

e.g.) WEMIX Lottery ticket (March): can be used for the March WEMIX Lottery, but not for the April WEMIX Lottery

  1. RBA Reward

Up to five WEMIX Lottery Tickets are available per day at regularly scheduled RBA.

The number of tickets you can earn depends on the number and rarity of the NFT you have formed the party, the progress of the battle, and the Ramen Sales Score you have earned, so letโ€™s challenge with a variety of configurations!

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