3.2 Building Economic Sphere

In Menya Dragon Ramen, we will construct various perspectives on the economic sphere using WEMIX and NFT.

This will be a practice-based economic zone building based on Fly Penguin Inc.’s experience of running a blockchain game for a year and a half.

WEMIX Consumption

WEMIX can be used primarily for in-game item purchases, Lottery, and NFT purchases at out of the game.

Some purchased items are consumed when used on NFT, but the enhanced status, such as Employee’s level, is attributed directly to the NFT, so the NFT can be possessed with its value enhanced.

Return of WEMIX in the game

WEMIX will be redeemed in-game, mainly as a reward for WEMIX Lottery.

The amount and probability of each grade in the WEMIX lottery are updated monthly. This is because the amount of money given back to users is calculated based on monthly sales.

In addition, a portion of sales will be pooled each month to provide a stable return to users even in months when sales are down.

Furthermore, when the pooled amount exceeds a certain level, a "Jackpot Month" is scheduled to be set up, in which the amount of return is increased from the usual amount.

The amount of WEMIX you can win is completely random, so even if you have only low rarity NFT, you have a chance to win a high WEMIX.

For those who own high rarity NFT, the reward design is such that a large amount of WEMIX Lottery TICKETS can be acquired, thus ensuring the advantage of owning high rarity NFT.

The Value of NFT

In order to increase the liquidity of NFT, this game introduces NFT value attenuation as a specification.

The points will be deducted on the first day of each month (exact time to be announced later) for "Work Area Points" in the NFT.

A schedule for subtraction of these points will be announced at the time of NFT release.

The subtraction is done uniformly for the relevant NFT and there is no difference in this point per token.

The objective of this measure is to create new NFT purchase value by decreasing " Work Area Points."

However, the other statuses of the NFT will not be deducted, and the strength of the NFT's status and skills in the adventure and RBA will not be affected.

Depending on the RBA Contest, we plan to have rules that will allow deducted NFT to play an active role.

This specification allows older NFT to maintain a certain value and offers users to incentive to purchase them in secondary sales.

Although the value of NFTs will decrease with the down of Work Area Points,

the strength in Adventure and RBA by training NFT are guaranteed, and we hope that you consider this when buying and selling NFT.

About NFT's annual rate of return

The annual percentage rate of return for NFT is designed to be a maximum of approximately 7.5-15% of the primary sales price of the NFT, although it will vary depending on the number and rarity of NFT in your possession.

However, since NFT are not consumed and remains on your hand, we would appreciate it if you could consider the value of the NFT including the sales to other users in secondary sales. 

Our profits are secured through commissions on transactions between users and the sale of in-game items.

In addition, not all users are able to play at maximum efficiency, so the monetary difference in such cases is also recorded as our profit.

In the future, we will strive to strengthen non-game revenues by placing advertisements in games and selling collaborative products and other goods to further increase the ratio of revenues returned to users.

The figures posted here do not guarantee its rate of interest, as it depends on the game play and the probability of WEMIX distribution through the Lottery.

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