2.1 Overview

Here is an explanation of the features that can be played in Menya Dragon Ramen.

This section is a brief description; please refer to the individual pages for more detailed explanations.

  • Employees

Refers to the characters that operate in Adventure and Work.

There are an NFT Employee and a non-NFT Employee.

  • Adventure

The main objective is to explore dungeons, defeat monsters, and acquire ingredients.

In some dungeon types, there are places where non-ingredient items can be obtained.

  • Work

Ramen can be cooked using ingredients available in dungeons and other places.

Sales are represented by an index called the Ramen Sales Score, which increases or decreases according to bonuses generated by rare ingredients or combinations of ingredients.

Also, the Ramen Sales Score earned will also increase or decrease depending on the Employee assigned to support the cooking or service.

Ramen sales are counted cumulatively every month, and WEMIX Lottery Tickets and in-game items are awarded according to cumulative Ramen Sales Scores.

  • RBA

The official name is "Ramen Battle Arena" and refers to the PvP content that is held on a regular basis.

Winning against other users will earn you an RBA medal.

The quantity of RBA medals earned here will increase or decrease depending on the NFT in the party and the outcome of the battle.

Also, RBA medals can be exchanged not only for in-game items, but also for WEMIX Lottery Tickets.

During the period, the ranking will be based on high scores, and the top players will be awarded in-game items and WEMIX Lottery Tickets.

  • Getting NFT Employees

NFT Employees can be obtained in-game or in the marketplace outside of the game.

You can also purchase NFT Employees from other users in the Marketplace.

There will also be a chance to win NFT Employees from in-game Lotteries.

  • Earning WEMIX

WEMIX can be acquired through several in-game features.

Multiple acquisition channels are available, including content to obtain WEMIX directly and content to obtain a random amount of WEMIX using WEMIX Lottery Tickets.