2.6 Getting NFT Employees

  • How to get NFT

There are several ways to obtain NFT Employees.

At the time of launch, the following are available as channels of acquisition

  1. Primary Sales in the Marketplace

The NFT will be sold in the marketplace and added on a regular basis by the management team.

In principle, the quantity and price will be announced in advance.

  1. Secondary Sales in the marketplace

Users can buy and sell each other in the marketplace.

Buyers can select and purchase any NFT listed in the marketplace.

  1. In-game lottery

Common Lottery Tickets and Premium Lottery Tickets are set as rewards at various places in the game.

The probability of NFT drop is set according to each Lottery, so please check the offered percentage from the in-game Lottery feature for details.

As for the Premium Lottery, it can also be executed by spending WEMIX.

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